The Power Sector

We are your partner for the energy turnaround.

The requirements for projects concerning the construction, extension or deconstruction of power plants are very similar for conventual, renewable energy, in particular offshore wind farms or for the dismantling of nuclear power plants.

Are you looking for a chief negotiator who takes the commercial responsibility for a project or a lot? Do you need someone who deals with call for tenders in the EU or worldwide and manages the pre-qualification of suppliers while acknowledging the German “Sektorenverordnung”? The strategy for negotiations, their objectives and the policy for communication have to be set? The criteria for quotes have to be determined, communicated and to be applied? After contracting suppliers, you need someone who has a look at the execution of the assignments, the performance of the suppliers, and the schedule and financial budget? Eventually you may need someone for a strong claim management?

There are only a few specialists for purchasing and project management in the areas of offshore, renewable energy, the construction, extension and deconstruction of power plants and dismantling of nuclear facilities.

With Mr. Staudt you can get a manager with substantial experience in these areas for your projects.

Furthermore, you have the opportunity to establish someone of our staff in your projects who will get Mr. Staudt´s full support and can get experience in these areas. By this you will be able to get even more support from us in the future. Let us grow together.