Our Cloud

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You don’t use our cloud yet? There are several reasons why you should change that. With us as your consultant, you can access a whole range of benefits through our own cloud solution.

  • Your data security is our top priority. Our high-performance server is located in-house, which means we operate independently from external providers. Since we manage user data and login information on another internal server, your data is protected in the best way possible.
  • The program we use is Nextcloud. Convince yourself of the high quality and data protection requirements directly on the provider’s website.
  • You don’t need to download any software to use the system – access is quick and easy via our website.
  • Do you want to share a folder with us or third parties so documents can be shared and files viewed at the same time? No problem with our cloud.
  • Due to an almost infinite versioning of your data, previous file versions can be restored at any time.
  • Each user receives individual login data. This allows us to control exactly who gets access to which files and when. Only you know your data.
  • If you wish, we can provide you with clients that allow you to synchronize the cloud on all operating systems.

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